The “5 P’s”.

I’d like to share a brief reflection on the Playa Del Rey Triathlon that I participated in this past Sunday.  Holy sh*t was it tough!

A good friend of mine has this phrase, or words to live by, that are quite helpful for most situations.  This phrase is known as the “5 P’s”, or “Proper Planning Prevents Potential Problems”.  How insightful, easy, and accurate!!  I wanted to relate this to the triathlon, as I feel that I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been, to compete at the level I desired. 

When I speak to others about Crossfit, I describe it as a strength and conditioning program, that provides GPP, or General Physical Preparedness, in other words what we call “FITNESS”.  We work metabolic pathways, modal domains, and the mind and body, to achieve optimal health. 

Over the last three months leading up to the event, Coach Jamie led an amazing group of athletes thru swim, bike and run training sessions, drills, and bricks, to prepare us for the event.  Due to travel and work overlapping with the tri training schedule, I was only able to make the sessions a handful of times.  I was on my own to get in that extra training so I would feel comfortable and prepared when it came down to race day.

Having completed a few sprint triathlons years ago, I knew what I was up against, however competing in the olympic distance this time around, I should have been more mindful that more volume of training would be necessary in order to gain familiarity with how my body and mind would feel exercising for three hours.  In this particular case, I did not follow the “5 P’s”.  I will state however, that without Crossfit training, of the mental and physical challenge, I don’t know how I would have been able to finish that race. 

As I mentioned above, Crossfit trains an individual to BE READY, and I was.  More training in sports specific to the event would have eased my nerves and given me greater confidence moving forward through the event. 

So in conclusion, take the “5 P’s”, and apply it to everyday life, in and out of the gym!

Wednesday’s Workout:

8 HR Pushups
8 Overhead squats (55-60%)

B) 8 RFQ on the 2:00
50 Double unders
2 Weighted chinups (70-75%)
 –1min cap–

C) 3 RFQ on the 4:00
200m Run
5 Front squats (70-75%)
–2min cap–

And Coming Thursday:

200m Run
10 Thrusters (115/75)
10 CTB Pullups
50 Double unders

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