The CrossFit Games Open Season is Upon Us!

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You guys, it’s Open time! And it starts February 25th. For many of you who have been here for a while, you know that the Open has created some of our most fond memories; whether it’s doing something you didn’t know was capable, or watching your teammates shock themselves with inspiring performances, or basking the electric energy this community can generate, or getting those madly intense butterflies before competition only to feel absolutely exhilarated after …I get goosebumps just remembering some of those days!

This year some things will be the same and some things will be different. The biggest difference is that we will model the events in a “Friday Night Lights” style — every Friday night from 6pm to 8 or 9ish (depending on the CF Games official Open workout) we will run heats, cheer, dress up (?), perform, and have a blast. And maybe walk to Busby’s after.

Couple things: CF HQ programs an Rx version of the workout and a set, scaled version of the workout. And sometimes, especially for our beginners, their scaled version is still too much. This is completely ok. The CFLA coaches will scale the workout to fit the context and at whatever level you are currently. It wouldn’t “count” for the CF HQ leaderboard, but we want you to participate in our Open. We want you to cheer and get cheered and ride that energy that only we can generate.

This year we will again have two teams: AM vs. PM. Yes! Everyone who regularly participates in the 6,7, 8, & 10am classes are automatically on the AM team. Everyone who regularly comes to the 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 & 7:30 classes are on the PM team. Anyone who regularly goes to the 12:30pm class will get drafted by the AM & PM team captains on the designated draft day. Your AM team captains are: Niki Marek and Todd Riley. Your PM team captains are: Chris Carlson and a co-captain to be named later. During the Open, the teams will square off in the categories of: Participation, Philanthropy, and Performance – each category scoring equally.

Bonus announcement: The team who has the most team members registered at the CF Games site under Team CFLA by February 19 will earn a pre-Open bonus point, giving their team a slight advantage before the Open even begins! So get registered. The first Open workout, 16.1, will be done Friday, February 26th.

Lastly, we want as many people to participate as possible. Yes, that means you, too. Listen, none of us are going to the Games. Just come play and feel that exhilaration. Remember what it’s like to be on a team — or get on one for the first time. It’s terrifying and it’s completely worth it. The return on this event is so rewarding. Because we want you all in, during the 5 weeks of the Open, there will be no 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30 class. We will do the Open instead. If you are totally adamant about not registering, do the workout anyway. (Just know that every Friday class will be doing the CF Open workout just like in past years.)

Last order of business: We are taking suggestions for the name of the event. Friday Night Lights is a great name, but very unoriginal. What would you call it if you were the commissioner of the CFLA Open??



Tuesday’s Workout

A) 2 RFQ @  ≤7 RPE
2min Row @ 20s/min
2min Row @ 22s/min
2min Row @ 24s/min
2min Row @ 26s/min
2min Row @ 28s/min
–3min Rest between rounds–

B) Handstand walk gala

C) QAMRAP 7 @ ≤7 RPE
7 Sit to stands
7 Squat cleans (45-50%)

Wednesday’s Workout

“CFG Open 11.1/14.1”

30 Double unders
15 Power snatches (75/55)





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