The First WLC Lifestyle Practice Announced: Journaling

During the first week of the Whole Life Challenge, journal 10 minutes a day to earn your five points in the Lifestyle category. This will start this Saturday.

Here’s an excerpt from the Whole Life Challenge blog about this week’s challenge:

“Simple Instructions:

* Each day, sit down and write in a handwritten journal.
* You can use any form of journaling you like. Choose something that suits your need and personal style. Two simple examples are a diary-type reflective journal or stream-of-consciousness writing.
* Don’t worry about the content. This is not art. It doesn’t even have to be legible.
*All thoughts are fair game. Don’t censor. This is for your eyes only.

Why Is This Practice Important?

Taking time to get uncensored thoughts out of your head and onto paper can free your mind for other things. If it’s important stuff, you’ve recorded it and can move on. If you don’t need to remember it, you can even burn it and be done with it! The simple act of releasing the thoughts can give you the freedom to take your own mind back.”

Also, you never know what these scribblings could turn into – maybe an idea develops and becomes organized on paper then turns into a project or a passion. Journaling is a great way to help sort out what you might really want out of life. Or simply help you deal with what you already have.

Journaling can be a valuable practice, and it’s a great first WLC Lifestyle practice. You might want to give it a shot even if you’re not doing the Whole Life Challenge

(PS there’s still time to register for the WLC 16 HERE Make sure to join the CrossFit Los Angeles team.)

See you Saturday at the WLC Prelims from 8-10am


Friday’s Workout

0:00 – 15:00
Max Effort Handstand walk


18:00 – 37:00
Tabata These (8 x 20:10):
Sit to stands
–1min Rest between each element–

Saturday’s Workout – (No Regular Classes. WLC Prelims 8am-10am)

Whole Life Challenge Baseline
2 Rounds for Reps
1min Pushups
1min Situps
1min Burpees
1min Squats
–1min Rest between rounds–

Sunday’s Workout


Partner 1 = 30″ plank
200m Run

Partner 2 = 8 Pull Ups
8 KB Clean & Jerk (24kg/16), alt
8 Burpees

P2 gets as many rounds as possible of movements while P1 is planking & running. Alternate work. P1 picks up where P2 left off in the round. Score is total of partner rounds and reps.

Monday’s Workout

Box squats

12 Ring dips
16 Jumping lunges

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