The Game of Throwdowns 16.3 Results!

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16.3 was fun! I thought so at least. Maybe because it was a light weight … 🙂 Anyway, great job to all the Open athletes. And congratulations to Matt Lai and Steven Sone for getting their first bar muscle ups ever on Friday night. That was fantastic!

As for the CFLA team competition, this week’s winner is … stlll the PM team!  This week was NOT a clean sweep. AM killed PM in the performance division. Here’s the breakdown:

Participation: PM (by 14%)
Philanthropy: PM (by $50 – it was close)
Performance: AM (by 215 reps)

The PM leads the AM team leads 16-12 overall.

Here are your CFLA high performers for 16.2:

Women’s RX:
1. Tanya Bentley – 10 🙂

Men’s Rx:
1. Zach Goren – 101
2. Matt Cerussi – 86
3. Pete Mann – 85

Women’s Scaled:
1. Alyssa Parker – 161
2. Ryan Gorman – 142
3. Shirley Brown – 140

Men’s Scaled:
1. Zach Litzenberg – 150
2. Clark Porter – 144
3. Matt Cipolla – 135

Tuesday’s Workout

20min Row

B) 4 RFQT on the 3:00
200m Run
10 Kipping ring dips
–2min Cap each round–

Wednesday’s Workout

10 Shoulder to overhead (135/95)
15 Toes to bar
20 Lateral burpees




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