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Feet. I’d like to acknowledge them. Have you thought about how important these two extremities are? I stand and walk around on them all day long. They allow me to go where I want to by running or walking, keep me balanced and upright and keep me grounded. Ever injured your foot? Broken a toe, had a blister or plantar fascists?  Yes, IT’s a big deal, much like an injury to your back it affects many parts of you life.  It can almost make walking unbearable or make working out a real challenge to be on your feet.

I’d like to talk about foot health. What can we do to keep them healthy? First off, get them out of shoes. I know a lot of you are experimenting more with barefoot training and most of you have shared some good feedback. Like: the ability to be grounded is probably the biggest one I have heard.  I think of shoes like a cast, imagine if you kept a part of your body in a cast all day long. How does it respond? Well, usually it doesn’t develop correctly and doesn’t get exposed to the proper stressors to help it grow. Now, I’m not totally anti shoe. I’ll acknowledge they are a protective layer for sure, like when going outside they can protect from germs, cold, heat and moisture and surfaces that can harm your feet.  My vote is to let your feet breathe and feel the floor, grass, sand or whatever it is. Let your toes spread out and feel how good it feels.

How about the tissues is your feet?  We’ve all done a little self massage in class with a ball and usually it feels amazing. I remember as a kid in grade school I would give my teachers foot massages when they read to us, lucky teachers!  My feet are one of my favorite body parts to get massaged and I’ll often ask for extra attention when I get a massage. Daily foot massage can go a long way to keep the tissues supple and healthy.

How about the health of how you walk on your feet or your gait? Some of use pronate (more wear on the inner edge) or supinate (more wear on the outer edge) this takes a beating on our feet.  Corn or bunion anyone?  It can also affect how our shoes wear, and leaks up to our ankles, knees, hips and back. So, taking care that our feet are in alignment is a helpful tool to overall health.  It’s often why I’ll have my classes walk across the floor on toes and heels to wake up your feet and to check in with alignment. I want to see how your feet are moving that day.

My overall all thought is our feet need more attention and love. If you’ve never taken the time to give yourself a foot massage do it now. Put your finger in between your toes and just breathe. Im sure they would appreciate the love.

Wednesday’s Workout

5 RFQIT on the 3:00
10/7cal Bike
10 Ring dips
7 Deadlifts (50-55%)

6 RFQR on the 3:00
Max Effort Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)
–30 sec cap each round–

Thursday’s Workout

5 Power snatches (50% of 1RM OHS)
10 Overhead squats
50 Double unders
–1min Rest between rounds–

50 Double unders
5 Power snatches (50% of 1RM OHS)
10 Overhead squats
–30s Rest between rounds–

For Deload
3-3-3-3-3 (6/10 difficulty)



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