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Kamrynn Kane is in town, which is always a joy. Seeing her bound around the gym reminds me of what GC wrote on an Instagram post of Lily, his 3 month old daughter, who hung out during Women’s Class last week. More on GC’s quote later, but basically he was thrilled that his daughter gets to grow up here, at the gym.

Mina & Maya grew up here. They have run around the gym and participated in our kids’ classes since Mina was 11 and Maya was 15. This gym has been a big part of their lives. We’ve been to all the parties and most of the events. During very formative years, they’ve been able to witness a positive, athletic community as the norm. This is invaluably comforting to me. And now they’re taking that goodness into the world as adults.

We have a new generation coming up here. It warms my heart to no end. Knowing how this environment has affected my own children, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Here’s GC’s comment to this photo to the left (when I held young Lily while coaching the women’s class. This is Natalie squatting who has her own year-old son, Zane.)

“What better place to grow up at? She’ll only know this place as Oak Park, the place where we all grow stronger and healthier, a place inspired by mothers. [The original] Oak Park was created by Kenny’s Mother, its methodology crafted by Kane, its mothers developed by Diz, its origins analogous with Andy, its programming channeled by Chip, its youth shaped by Shirley, the gym space juxtaposed by Jamie. Coaches that lead other lives are generous with their spare time like Jen. We get more than insurance benefits from Benet, a healthy morning chorus with Kurz, and all Kenny’s ideas corralled by Carolyn. But most importantly, its roots are connected to community. I can’t wait for Lily to learn from all of you.”



Tuesday’s Workout
Best of Fun Week

“Sack the Village”

FT, as a clan of 4, up to 2 people working at a time
Row to the Island: 4k Row
Haul your weapons: 1mi Plate run (45/25)
Sak the village: 200 XP MB Throws
Carry your loot: 1mi Plate + KB run (45,24 / 25,16)
Row back to Sweden: 4k Row
–50min Cap–

–See 4/22/14–

Wednesday’s Workout
Best of Fun Week

“CFLA Baseline”
500m Row
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups

“Leaderboard Day”
Complete up to 3 Leaderboard events

–See 4/30/15–



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