The Precision of Coaching by Coach GC Cava

Guest blog by Coach GC Cava

This community of people is so powerful. To keep it somewhat short and sweet, I deadlifted with Erin Barr for the first time in many months, and for some odd reason, I just knew that Erin came to crush the “Barr” on deadlifting, and I was so ready to explore that option, even though I knew it was a practice day. We ended up pulling 345, a paltry number in Erin’s eyes, but huge for me because I hadn’t even tried anything close to 300 in quite some time. A few hours after that, the coaches were told that JF(Jean Francois Dumais, aka the King of 730pm class) was making his triumphant return from eye surgery, I seriously was contemplating lifting again because I love JF so much. I know we’re all navigating our own journey through fitness and health, but this community of people, this community of individuals, this community of betterment, fires me up so much, that I can give you the names of people in each class that I want to wod with because they just bring out some portion of “the best of me”. I thoroughly enjoy working out in the morning, but I also love being a tourist in other classes because I just want to be part of the positivity that occurs every hour the gym holds classes.

It may sound weird, but on days I’m not at the gym coaching or working out, I look at the Zen Planner roster to see who shows up, because I enjoy seeing your names present, as you’re enjoying(suffering) and engaging in the same journey I am on a daily basis. I used to stare at the whiteboard photos at the end of each day, trying to compare myself to everyone that did the wod that day. Now I just like to see who showed up to be present, and be part of the process of getting better.

I want to share a fact about my methods at the gym that I’m not shy about. I’ve been doing CrossFit longer than some of our coaches, and I’ve been coaching movement for longer than I can remember, but Coach Kenny always reminds me that I need to be myself. For me, my coaching goes by feel, and often doesn’t go by written formula(sorry Jenn, I’m trying) so I need to actually be part of a class before I coach it. I need to see, feel, and learn what coaching feels like before I actually coach a class. I’m drawing on the community’s energy, the coaches’ energy to really give the classes I coach a genuine experience. I want to give my classes a piece of me, and also my interpretation of the methodology of CFLA. I don’t know any other way to be. I take every class I coach seriously because I know it has an impact on the community’s movement towards the greater goal: internal happiness. The programming at our gym is so intentional, that we as coaches have to really be attentive to every movement, mobility, and word that we preach because the precision matters. I may not be able to execute every movement that we program very well, but I am confident that I can coach it because I’m paying attention to every possible iteration of how it can be performed and taught. My growth as an athlete is constantly evolving, but my coaching is growing even more.

Wednesday’s Workout

Box squats

B) Rowing fair
Focus on drag factor

C) FQ & SOMSAVS score, ≤7 RPE
Squat cleans (70-75%)
*5 Sit to stands

Thursday’s Workout

A) Tabata These (8 x 20:10), ≤7 RPE
Row @ Damper 4
Row @ Damper 7
Row @ Damper 2
Row @ Damper 5

B) Handstand walk soiree

C) FQ @ ≤7 RPE
800m Run
–1min Rest–
60 Lunges
–1min Rest–
40 Deadlifts (45%)


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