The SEALs Made Me Do It

Last week, Kenny hosted two former Navy SEALs (Chriss Smith, owner of Trident CrossFit and CFLA’s own Mark Semos) on his Positivity Project Podcast, and they had a compelling conversation about mental toughness. Early in the episode, Chriss defines mental toughness as “the ability to control one’s actions [and] the ability to control one’s mind to do the arduous things in life.” He then goes on to say that “[mental toughness] gives you the ability to realize that only you are standing in your own way. If your mind is strong enough you can accomplish anything.”

Later in the episode, Chriss and Mark both describe their SEAL training as a window to themselves, or an opportunity that allowed them to look inside themselves and see what they could accomplish. What they saw and learned helped provide them with the mental toughness that was requisite for their job, and they still lean on that mental toughness today.

Now, I probably will never have the opportunity to experience the elite training that Chriss and Mark experienced. But I have other opportunities (of course not on that same elite level) on a daily basis to look inside myself to see what I can accomplish. Some of those opportunities are right here at the gym. Our workouts give me an opportunity to learn about myself. I’ve learned that I’m terrified of difficult tasks. I’m terrified of experiencing discomfort. And I’m terrified of failing. But through our workouts, I’m also learning that I truly am capable of more than I had ever thought possible, both inside and outside the gym. Chriss is right when he says only I am standing in my own way.

This is a powerful concept, and it was high on my mind during yesterday’s workout, which required a great deal of mental toughness. It so happened that I’d listened to Chriss and Mark on the podcast just hours before class. Their words absolutely had a positive impact on my mindset during the workout, leading me to a huge PR. I highly recommend you listen to the episode if you have a chance. You’ll even hear a few sound bites from our very own John Bonds!

Thursday’s Workout

A) “Cosgrove’s Evil 8”
Romanian Deadlift
Bentover Row
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Good Morning
**Hold onto bar during each round**
**Rest 90sec between each round**

B) Max reps in 2min
Sandbag ground to shoulder (100/70)

And Coming Friday

Max Effort Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)
Max Effort Pull-ups

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