The Basic Push Up

The Basic Push Up

I can’t remember the last time a person came in and thought they needed coaching on how to do a push up. However, it’s rare that I find someone that actually has a good, solid hollow position with a strong and stable core, and does push-ups well. Here’s a rule of thumb… when you get to the bottom of your push up, the only part of your body that should be touching the ground or leading the way is your chin and chest. If your thighs or stomach are touching before your chin or chest and your lower back is arched, you are not holding your body hollow (glutes squeezing, hips tucked under in a posterior pelvic tilt with a flattened lumbar curve), and your push up could be imrpoved.

Greg working on push-ups.

Today’s Workout
How many push-ups can you do in 10 minutes?
– rest –
How many pull-ups in 10 minutes?



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