The Beauty of Competition – Femme Royale Recap

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Week 14 of 14: Re-TEST 1

Thrusters (95/65)
– 10 minute time cap

Compare scores to Aug 12

Week 14 of 14: Re-TEST 2

1RM DL in 20 minutes
1RM Thruster in 20 minutes (from a rack)

Compare scores to Aug 13

The fact that twenty-two women from the CFLA community were willing to compete at Femme Royale this last Saturday is pretty phenomenal. Twenty-two! Of the twenty-two, most of them had not competed before – especially in a CrossFit competition – or they had not competed at anything in a very long time. Yet, they were willing to trust their team and coaches when we said they absolutely could and should compete.

Putting ourselves on the line is a skill, like anything else. It takes honing and practice. Being willing to give 100% for a team, a teammate, and ourselves is scary stuff that make us feel vulnerable. We’re scared that our weaknesses will glare in the spotlight. We’re afraid to let anyone down. We don’t want to be a big flop out there. But this is exactly what we practice in our training at CFLA. We have practice days, sure, but the competition days have also, in a way, been practice. We’re practicing how to navigate through those fears and we’re learning what type of competitors we are – not just in the gym, but in life.

It’s hard to tell if this practice has paid off until we test it outside the safety of our own gym. A few of us tested it at the recent triathlon. And twenty-two women did so this last weekend. This willingness – no matter how scary — broadens our experience not just within our physical training, but our mental and emotional, too. Getting in the game and feeling lifted by a team is an experience everyone deserves to feel. But mainly, there are very few things that feel better than getting to the other side of facing fears. It’s empowering and life-affirming.

I watched a lot of powerful women put it all on the line on Saturday. Everyone’s best self rose to the occasion; the highest quality of character shined and many PR’s were hit. Cara Miller celebrated her 49th birthday at Femme Royale – she had decided that competing for the first time was the best way to celebrate. I had the pleasure of competing with Maya, my 18 year old, because nothing inspires me more than to show by example. We kept the family of Monica Arteche in our thoughts as Typhoon Haiyan devastated her hometown in the Philippines. As a surprise bonus, the only two teams that competed in the RX division got on the podium! Congratulations to Team Will WOD for Wine (Niki and Shirley) for placing third, and to Team Shocker (Hacker and Jennifer) for placing second!

Competing is not just about lifting a barbell or running faster than the next person. Competition hunts out and pinpoints the true essence of who we are. It’s amazing to have a great performance or to place, but every woman out there who was willing to confront their individual fears won Femme Royale as far as I’m concerned. I couldn’t be more proud of our athletes, our supporters, and our gym that fosters an atmosphere for us to be our best selves no matter the level or capacity.

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