The BIZ: Raise Your Game! System

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Topics included in the system and discussed in depth in our 2-Day BIZ Seminar:

  • How to build a team that will support your growth and not just have employees
  • How to duplicate yourself to grow faster, be more stable and more profitable
  • How to always Enroll clients so you never have to Sell to them
  • The 7 facts that make package contracts necessary for sustainable growth
  • How to reduce the hours in your work week and be more profitable
  • How to find interns that will work for free
  • How to keep retention rates above 85%
  • The business numbers you should REALLY care about, including Average Client Value
  • Why pricing yourself above all of your competitors works to your advantage
  • How to create membership packages
  • Creating multiple satellite locations
  • Understanding the two primary areas of your business – GET THEM and KEEP THEM
  • The 5 reasons group classes work better than private training
  • Creating an enrollment system to benefit your clients more than you
  • How to answer your phone to get the right people as members of your program
  • How to conduct the Professional Introduction to your program
  • How scheduling and pricing will help meter your clients to not come all on the same day
  • How to create events people will actually want to attend and bring their friends so you never have to do traditional marketing
  • How to capture the value for the extra-value services you’re currently giving away for free
  • The most effective outreach strategies for CrossFit
  • How to turn a trainer into a business “Associate”
  • How to graduate someone from the Success Journal to the workout forums to the Leader boards
  • 15 must-haves for your website to engage your current and future clients
  • How to run a successful PR challenge

What you will get:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation covering everything discussed in our 2-Day BIZ Raise Your Game! Seminar
  • DVD of the Professional Introduction
  • CD of editable versions of all contracts, paperwork, journals and fliers – so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Hit-the-ground-running plan of action to implement immediately into your box
  • CD of editable files included in our Success Journal

  • Invitation for you to attend our 2-Day BIZ: Raise Your Game! Seminar for only $1000. You may also bring a business partner for FREE.

*Note – this Raise Your Game! System is best used in conjunction with attending a RAISE YOUR GAME! Seminar or enrolling in the BIZ NETWORK: CONTINUING EDUCATION program.

**Only people who have purchased The BIZ: RAISE YOUR GAME! SYSTEM can attend our RAISE YOUR GAME! seminars.

The information included in this BIZ: Raise Your Game! System introduces proprietary and practical tools to understand, analyze your business, marketplace, and potential for growth using CrossFit as your product. This system introduces the exact tools that help create a lifestyle to reduce your weekly work hours, replicate yourself, build a team of coaches and entrepreneurs who are all committed to the success of your business, become more profitable and efficient with your time, and help you balance your business and personal lives. You will receive practical tools that you can implement immediately to help distinguish you and your business from anyone else in your city.

Operations Manual
BIZ System & Operations Manual
Intro DVD
Intro Session DVD
BIZ Supplemental Materials

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