The CrossFit Games 2009

Are you going to the Games? I am competing on CrossFit LA’s Affiliate team so this is the last post until mid next week and I wanted to know how you were managing your business around the games.

Do you have a skeleton crew prepped and ready to go?
Will you be able to get new clients if you are gone?
Do you people know the proper opening and closing procedures in you absence or will your alarm company be calling you when you are in Aromas?
Will you be posting WODs even though you aren’t open?
If many of your clients aren’t going, how will they get training?

BTW – the next BIZ Network conference call is being moved to the 23rd of July and the July BIZ Network Tip will be sent tomorrow, Wednesday 8 July. Sorry for the delay, the holiday got the best of me.

Post to comments your plan for the Games:

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