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Today’s Workout
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Double Unders
Sit-upsWell, did you go all the way with it or were you restrained? Was it worth it? How do you feel today? Would you have done things differently in retrospect? Just so you know, there are no right answers to any of these questions. Sometimes it works to control yourself and sometimes it works to let it all hang out. Your life is going to be full, until the day you die, of decisions to hold back, walk the middle of the road, or go hog wild, and there will never be a right or wrong way to do it — so long as you make the choice that makes sense to you. Remember, it’s just a choice about food — not right or wrong, not good or bad.

It’s so easy to think “I held back, I was good,” or “I ate too much, I was bad.” Both can be traps. Better just to own your choice than to spend your time trying to be good or bad.

Sit ups. No joke.



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