The day you play for

Thursday’s Workout (No CAP)
As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes of:
1 L Rope Climb, from seated
5 Triple Unders / 15 Double Unders
10 Hollow rocks

…and coming Friday (No CAP)
Time vs. Task
Part I:
As Many Rounds As Possible in 5 minutes of:
Clean & Jerk (135/95)

rest 7 minutes, then:

Part II:
Complete number of Clean & Jerks performed in
Part I, for time

Your objective in Part II is to complete your reps
in less than 5 minutes.You’ve trained for it. You’ve planned, prepared, and sacrificed. The day you’ve been playing for has arrived — and it all goes wrong. You’re sick, it rains, your car breaks down, you miss your flight, you trip, you fall short of your goals. Any number of things can go awry on the day you’ve been playing for that have it not go like you planned.

Was all that time wasted? Hopefully not.

Training days number in the hundreds. For some, in the thousands. Game day may be one.

May make you wonder which day you want to be playing for.


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