The Freedom of Extraordinary Performance

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15 DB Thruster (55/40)
5 Shuttle Sprint
10 DB Thruster
7 Shuttle Sprint
5 DB Thruster
9 Shuttle Sprint


A) EMOM 10
O: 4 DB Squat Clean & Jerks (55/40)
E: 6 Chin-ups (weighted or assisted)

B) 5 RFQ
300m Run
15 Ring Dips / Dips
7 Evil Wheels
As a coach I’m interested in two things when it comes to a performance or competition: Why and how people experience “the moment” optimally? What sets people up to perform extraordinarily?
Over the weekend I got to study these questions through a concert, a tryout and a podcast.

First I went to the Palladium in Hollywood to see the band, Fitz & The Tantrums. Simply put, They were extraordinary – which wasn’t a coincidence. They formed in 2008 here in LA, have been meticulously honing their sound, recording songs, taking risks, stumbling, getting back up, and perfecting their sound and developing their stage presence through the crucible of road touring. The challenge was to come home and show everybody that believed in them and all those that passed on them just why they had a sold our show at a major concert venue. After doing years of work they were prepared to be themselves…

Yesterday, I went to the NPFL (National Professional Fitness League) combine to watch Crossfit Games level athletes (and some former NFL players) demonstrate their fitness skills. This was interesting as I saw athletes that thought they should be there and athletes that knew they should be there. There is a BIG difference in the two, very little of it physical. The athletes that knew they should be there warmed up differently, went to their starting lines with intention and performed with focus that felt both loose and composed, fun, and free.

Which brings me to the Positivity Project podcast with legendary coach Bob Takano and his disciple Sean Waxman. Both master coaches in their own way reminded me that freedom to perform extraordinarily can be taped into at will through consistent, disciplined, dedicated practice. What I was reminded of is that to actually be free takes relentless work. Interesting paradox….

When are you most free? What does extraordinary performance take?

Fitz and The Tantrums



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