The Freedom Ratio



A) 3×3 BS (+2 / +5) (20 min)

B) 3×3 Press (+2 / +5) (15 min)

C) 4 RFQ
8 Burpees
10 GHD Situps
12 Reverse Lunges


For Time:
10 Alt DB snatch (55/40)
100 Double Unders
20 Alt DB snatch
75 DU
30 Alt DB snatch
50 DU
40 Alt DB snatch
25 DUI want to share a blog post that I wrote for the Whole Life Challenge with you. It’s a little longer than my normal posts, but it’s extraordinarily valuable. Take a moment today (hey… how about right now?) to read it and post a comment. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did.

I was having a meeting with my accountant the other day. During the meeting we were talking about something he calls the Freedom Ratio (he has self-published a book – you can find it here). My interpretation of this… getting to the place in life where you are free of the rigors, grind, effort and work it takes just to stay afloat financially in today’s world… so that your savings and passive income free you from the normal daily rigors of life.

Boy, wouldn’t THAT be nice? Not HAVING to go to work… but choosing it, only if we wanted to? Having enough money coming in each month from our investments, savings and real estate accounts so that the interest, dividends, payments we receive cover some or all of our regular monthly expenses. Not waking up every day thinking about money… what do I have to do to make sure I have enough to cover all my bills. Eliminating that daily (sometimes faint, other times very present) feeling of stress, when thinking about the balance in my checking account and whether it will cover the bills that are due this month? Wow… now that would really be freedom!

Here’s what we talked about… which became very clear… we’re not getting any closer to our freedom ratio every month UNLESS we are taking action to get there. Currently, in my life, something even close to a freedom ratio is nothing more than a pipe dream… a nice idea. We’re so busy living our life, earning money so that we can just keep up (spending every last dime every month), we’re doing nothing that moves the needle, even a smidgen, closer to freedom.

And then it hit me… moving the needle in the direction of financial freedom, is identical to moving the needle in the direction of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. Boom…

Think of it like your checking account… in terms of deposits and withdrawals. If you’re anything like me, your bills each month are either at or slightly higher than the amount of money you make. And while you make deposits regularly, the checks you’re writing and bills you are paying each month are pretty much equal to or greater than your deposits. Nothing is left over after paying your bills to put into savings. Each month the goal is to simply survive… success looks like being able to cover all of this months charges on the credit card. This doesn’t move you, me or anyone closer to financial freedom.

For most people, it’s the same story (or worse) in one or more of the other realms – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The deposits you make in these realms are just barely enough to survive… the withdrawals you’re making are keeping your accounts at zero, if you’re lucky. For many of us, we are way overdrawn. If you are on the slippery slope of dis-ease… where you’re health is slowly deteriorating, then you’re almost certainly “over-drawn”… and you have no “overdraft protection.”

Jump back in time… to the first 18-22 years your life. You spent that time, whether you wanted to or not, making deposits into these accounts – you were a sponge, learning at home, at school and in the world, from parents, teachers, siblings, friends, movies, clubs, hobbies, jobs, bosses, etc. You’re not on our own yet… your only “job” – to learn enough to be able to survive in the world when you are. Every interaction with another human being gives you experience and helps you formulate who you are and how you’re going to be. You are building up your “realm accounts” at almost every turn.

Then you graduate from high school or college, and go out on your own. Now it’s time to “make it” – to use what you’ve learned up to that point to carve out a little piece of the world that is your own. For most of us, we forget about making deposits into our realm accounts… now it’s time to spend, spend and spend. That’s great – it’s what you’ve been saving for. But those savings only last so long… and before you know it, depending on the size of your account… your balance is down at zero, and you continue to spend. Very soon after, things start to change, ever so slightly… you find yourself sliding down the slippery slope, not even realizing your on it. Things are shifting, almost imperceptibly – in your body, your mind, your relationships, your connection to the Universe. You’ve forgotten, maybe never really even learned, that to ensure your freedom in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual accounts, you have to make deposits.

What does that mean? Going back to the financial realm for a moment… the path toward financial freedom starts by paying yourself, first. Getting into the habit of making regular deposits into savings – in ways that keep you from accessing that money. So that it builds and grows and builds and grows, accumulating wealth. And while it may not seem like that much at first, simply taking action in that direction sends signals to the Universe that you are on this path. It’s simple, daily practice… infinitely small steps. Infinitely small deposits into these accounts (even if it’s only $1 per week). So small that you are guaranteed success.

For the other realms? Well, it’s EXACTLY what we’re practicing in the Whole Life Challenge. Making daily, tiny deposits into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm accounts. These may be, for now, imperceptibly small. That’s OK. In fact, the smaller they are, the better… it’s the small things practiced over long periods of time that have the greatest impact. We’re building a muscle, the habit muscle… and we’re making deposits into these accounts that may have been neglected for years, even decades. Just like in the financial realm, results of your efforts may come very slowly… speed or intensity isn’t the objective. We’re practicing being the tortoise, not the hare.

Over time, these small deposits in your accounts accumulate, just like the money in your savings accounts. And you’ll continue to move the needle toward freedom. Don’t get discouraged… remember, many of us are starting WAY in debt… so just getting the needle to move toward zero is a move in the right direction, even when you’re still way overdrawn.

And what sort of impact does something like the 8 weeks of the Whole Life Challenge have? Well, if you’re only measuring over the 8 weeks of the game, in the big picture of your life, not much. It’s using the WLC as a stepping off point, as a shift in your consciousness… and continuing to practice what you’ve learned. Doing your best to never again forget about making deposits, continuing to be responsible and accountable, leaning on friends for support, and moving the needle, no matter how slowly, in the direction of freedom.

Harley working his med ball sit-to-stands. #ThatsALotOfLeg #ThatsALotofMomentum #competitionday
Harley – med ball sit-to-stands

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