The FUD Factor

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I remember the advice a wise old friend gave me about 20 years ago, “If you want to be successful, copy the habits of the successful people around you.” Well, the successful people around me had things in common like a car payment, a mortgage (rent), health insurance, a therapist and/or coach. At the time, I had almost no income and was spending what little I did have on my car, apartment and health insurance… but definitely not on a coach. That seemed ludicrous! Nonetheless, I decided to follow his advice, in spite of my fear, uncertainty, and discomfort (FUD). I found a great coach/teacher, somehow came up with the $175 each week… and kept up with it for about 6 years… it paid huge dividends down the road.

What about you? Have you looked around lately at people you consider “successful”? What makes them that way? Can you learn anything from their habits? Are you willing to copy something they do that has a high FUD factor and puts you completely outside of your comfort zone? Have you tried this with your training in CrossFit?

David works on a new kipping technique – levitation.

Today’s Workout

Perform each of the following movements once, for max effort. Start your stopwatch at the start of the row and begin each successive movement at 6 minute intervals.
– (row at 0:00, deadlifts at 6:00, push ups at 12:00, etc.)

Row – max calories in 3 minutes
Deadlift – max reps in 3 minutes (275#/185#)
Push ups – one set to failure
DB Squat Clean Thrusters – max reps in 3 minutes (45#/30#)
Pull-ups – one set to failure

– score is the total combined number of reps of each movement



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