The Gauntlet

Today’s Workout

“Louie’s Legacy”

In 20 minutes:
1,200m Run; followed by:
As many rounds as possible of:
5 Ground to overhead – (95/65)
10 Pull Ups
15 Box Jumps (20)Yesterday, 20 of our top athletes came together for Day 1 of the CFLA Team Trials. “The Gauntlet” – 31 movements done over 2 1/3 hours – was designed to test broad capacities in a variety of movements that demand speed, strength, skill, power, strength, stamina and endurance. The good news – everyone made it through (though only Sam came through completely unscathed!) Congrats to all who came to give it their all! The video below (very unprofessionally edited (aka ‘pieced together’) by yours truly) is a recap of the day.

Day 2 of Trials is this coming Sunday. Participation is by invitation only, but we’d love to have spectators… and are looking for judges. Please come out and join us!

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