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Today’s Workout

Strict “Lynne”

5 rounds, for max reps of each movement:
Bench press (BW / half BW)
Strict Pull ups – no kipping
– Take as much rest as necessary between movements.My life for the past 10 days has existed literally inside of 200 square feet – my bedroom and bathroom. My bed has become like my little island home. Amazing how simple life gets when that’s all the space you’ve got to live in. I’ve also been introduced to pain, real pain, for the first time in my life (and hopefully last.) And while this experience hasn’t been fun, it certainly has been educational, and humanizing (no Andy, you’re not perfect), and helped me relate to the pain that I always thought that only ‘other people’ go through in the course of their lives (empathy for pain and suffering wasn’t ever really my strong suit). And, its given me a gift… a week of love and care from my Mom, Doris, who was like my guardian angel through this whole thing. I got to really ‘be’ with her for a whole week (something that never could have happened otherwise with the speed of my life).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy this happened, nor would I do it all over again if given a chance; but since I had to go through it, I like to look at the positives, learn from them what I can; and never, ever forget the painful parts – so that I remember to do the little mundane things in life to avoid having something like this show up again! Hope to see everyone soon (if I can just get off this island!)

By the way, if you want ALL the gory details (seriously – don’t read if you get grossed out – OK, I’ve warned you), I’ve written a blog on, a fantastic online community resource for anything health related.




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