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What if I were to tell you there was a way to increase the amount of pull ups you could do in a workout by 6,000% over 12 weeks? Would you be willing to give it a go? What if it involved you taking a pill, or injecting a performance enhancing drug once or twice a day? How about if it meant sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber every night? How about wearing a special workout shirt that helped make you more aerodynamic? Or what if it simply meant that you had to wear “The Glove” (CLICK HERE for photos and an article) at certain times and intervals during your workout? Would you consider one, several, or all of these methods “cheating?” Is one worse / better than another? When does a performance enhancement change from being just a technological breakthrough to being considered cheating? Where do YOU draw the line?

Personally, I love technology – and I think The Glove is really cool (so to speak)! But there is also something in me that desires to explore the depths of my physical and mental capacity without the aid of a device, a pill, a piece of clothing, a glove… or anything that gets in the way of the rawness of my pure, natural, god-given ability.

Martin and Tom
Martin & Tom – glad to be finished!

Today’s Workout

Overhead Squat – 4-4-4-4
Front Squat – 4-4-4-4
Back Squat – 4-4-4-4

Increase weight every set.



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