Today’s Workout
20 minutes – find your max distance Double Broad Jump
Five rounds for time of:
15 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (95/65)
10 Front Squats
5 Heaving Snatch Balance “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”
~ Confucius

Have you ever considered that your greatest weaknesses are also your greatest opportunities for growth? I know we address it a lot here physically at CFLA in training your ‘goats’, hammering out the ‘chinks in your armor.’ But couldn’t that also apply to your life? In what areas do you find yourself constantly ‘challenged’, or maybe a better question is, with whom? If every time you found yourself ‘up against it’ with someone else were an indication that you, yes you, have a ‘chink in your armor,’ what could you do to fill in the chink? Notice I asked, what would YOU do. This has nothing to do with what someone else needs to do (For me to feel better, I just need so and so to just…”). In the physical world, this is as ludicrous as you saying, “Well, if the weather were nicer and so and so would just wear a purple shirt, then, yes then, I would get my PR”. Who is responsible?

One great place to start looking for opportunities like these are times or people with whom there’s been an upset, or situations in which you are unwilling to consider anything other than your thought that you’re absolutely, postively RIGHT. And a great time of year to start looking is right now – during the holidays, when these opportunities seem to come up all the time… in fact it reminds me of another quote. “Think you’re enlightened? Go spend a week with your family.” ~ Raam Dass

Would love to hear about some of the places it shows up for you in comments. Please share. For me, it’s pretty much all the time with my wife, and pretty much every time I get together with my mom, sister or aunt!

Almost everyone’s goat… L-Sit. Do it, Marc!

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