The History of Your Body

Week 11 of 14: COMPETITION

Franklin Hill Mashup:
6 hill repeats alternating distance and recovery
0:00 Long Sprint (top of hill – 220m)
6:00 Short Sprint (100m)
9:00 Long Sprint
15:00 Short Sprint
18:00 Long Sprint
24:00 Short Sprint

Week 11 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 5 rds, each for time on the 3:00 of:
50 DU’s
30 squats
10 Thrusters @ 60%
B) For time:
10 HPS, 20 TTB
8 HPS, 16 TTB
6 HPS, 12 TTB
4 HPS, 8 TTB
2 HPS, 4 TTB
**HPS @ 67.5%This past week I tore an ab muscle while doing leg curls.

Yes, that’s right.

Tore an ab.
Was doing leg curls.

Of all the negatives of doing leg curls I’ve ever heard, tearing an ab was not one of them. Now, I’m not going to get into why one should or should not do leg curls in this post (I’ll save that for someday when I write about why elite-level powerlifters do dumbbell curls (and they do)). Doing or not doing leg curls was not what the lesson was for me in this incident. The lesson for me was that our bodies are a history book. We carry with us a documentation of all the damage and all the care we’ve ever taken with ourselves. Our injuries are logged in our tissues indelibly – whether we take the time to consider or even remember them.

‘Cause here’s the deal – I tore my ab at the site of an old injury where I broke some bones and ripped up some stuff. About a million years ago Jonesy and I were doing “Lynn” in the old Petranek Fitness location and I managed to kip myself off the pull up bar and onto a plyo box – ribs first. It sucked, but it healed. It healed funny and it’s been awkward and uncomfortable to lay flat on my stomach ever since due to a protruding “nub” of bone, but it was always a non-issue otherwise. Or so I thought.

But it turns out my body has a long memory, and while I was bracing the heck out of my core during leg curls, the weakest spot in my body gave way, and it just so happened to be that old injury site. It’s been years and I honestly pretty much forgot about that injury. But my body did not. It can’t. It is an accumulation of everything we do.

And then an evening or two later, I woke up in pain in the middle of the night. My sternum hurt, at the low end near my injury site. And I suddenly remembered that my sternum had hurt a tiny bit a few times before, but weeks earlier, and only when I slept on my right side. It seems this “acute” injury was actually coming on for quite some time and I just didn’t clue into it because I’d forgotten my own history. I’d put my rib nub in the column of things I never have to think about and moved on. But my body can’t move on. My body is what it is and it can only do what it can do, despite my mind’s aspirations and my heart’s efforts.

In the end, we’re made of flesh and blood, and how we care for ourselves is written into our flesh. And that is what I learned doing leg curls last week.

Becca Borawski served as Program Director at CFLA for seven years and is now part of the extended coaching family. She is the managing editor for Breaking Muscle, a website designed for real athletes and real coaches. She lives in Portland, OR and is most likely preparing a paleo meal at this moment.

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