The Journey is the Destination

The Journey is the Destination

I often have to remind myself that this stuff takes a really long time to master. I don’t mean do, I mean master. It doesn’t take long before we can do a lot well enough to get a really, really good workout. And while that’s good enough for most what we’re going for here is Elite Fitness. The key is what we call “virtuosity,” doing the common uncommonly well. Even before I can have my heaviest clean I can strive to have my best clean. Can I skim over technique to add a few pounds in the short run? You bet. Can I let my form be “ugly” and get a faster time? Easily. But the numbers are only a record of what happened, and growth will be a result of what happened, not the numbers at the end of the day. This is a long journey, enjoy it. Have fun with the learning process. The numbers you want are going to be there when you arrive.

Erica getting back into the swing!

Today’s Workout
Single Arm DB snatch (40/25)

200 m run in between sets



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