The Love of Health

Today’s Workout
Front Squats


100 KB Swings for time (24/16)I’ve written here before about my tumultuous relationship with running. I go through phases where I love it and phases where I most definitely hate it. This Saturday, after the prelims for the Whole Life Challenge, I went home only to realize that not having participated in the prelims, I still had to get my workout in. Not being at the gym and not really being in the head-space for anything intense, I decided to make my first day of the Whole Life Challenge an active recovery day and go for a short, relaxed 10-minute run.

The moment my feet hit the pavement, something amazing happened. I felt free. I flew. There was no timer going and I was simply enjoying the afternoon, the sun, my health and my ability to use my body. I noticed something that the Whole Life Challenge awakens in me; something about the mindset that I entered when the challenge began. It’s beyond competition, it’s not about intensity, it has nothing to do with CrossFit. It’s my life and how health and fitness fits into it. It’s a simple, natural love of health. The pure enjoyment of having the physical ability to take advantage of what life has to offer. My humanity expressed through movement. That to me is worth the whole challenge. And it was day 1.

Has the Whole Life Challenge opened any new perspectives for you?


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