The Lunch Pail Manifesto

Monday’s Workout
Squat Clean and Jerk – 5 x 5 (185/125)
– start each set of five at the 2:30 mark on the timer
– in the fifth round at the 11:30 mark and after completing your five clean & jerks…
Run 1 mile for time

…and coming Tuesday
Five rounds for time of:
12 kettlebell swings (32/20)
12 toes-to-bar
6 bar muscle upsFunny thing about unplugging from Facebook and Twitter… suddenly now I have time to read many of the things that I haven’t had time for. One of those things that I never seem to find the time to do is reading other interesting peoples’ blogs.

I was reading Stephen Pressfield’s yesterday, and came across his post called The Lunch Pail Manifesto. The title comes from the cover art of his book that just came out called Turning Pro, but it was the points of the manifesto that intrigued me the most. He was writing about being a professional writer… but as I read the manifesto, each topic, point-by-point, seemed to me to apply directly to the type of fitness training (life training) that we do at CrossFit LA.

Here is the manifesto. Try substituting the word “training” in for “work”. Let me know what you think.

The Lunch Pail Manifesto by Stephen Pressfield

1. We must find the work that brings our lives meaning.

2. We must strive to make our work purposeful, truthful, and authentic, a pure offering to our Muse and fellow human beings.

3. We must wage a lifelong war with Resistance and accept that instant gratification is an oxymoron.

4. We must not speak of our work with false modesty or braggadocio.

5. We must not debase our work for short term gain nor elevate it above its rightful station to inflate our ego.

6. We must not covet the fruits of our work, or the fruits of others’ work.

7. We must respect others’ work and offer aid to fellow professional laborers.

8. We must accept that our work will never be perfect.

9. We must accept that our work will never be without merit.

10. We must accept that our work will never cease.


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