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I don’t know about anyone else, but Saturday’s “Helen” wiped me OUT! The workout took me a total of 8 minutes and 23 seconds… Yes… that’s it… When I write it down and think about it it makes me think that I’m some sort of “Wussy Boy” – not because of how long it took me, but because of how exhausted I was all day following. 8 minutes and 23 seconds? And I’m as worn out and exhausted as I used to be after an adventure race. 8 minutes and 23 seconds is exactly 0.09% as long as a typical Eco Challenge and 3.95% as long as a sprint distance adventure race… are you kidding me… that’s like the length of a friggen’ sneeze! Maybe I’m just getting old. Then again, maybe the demand on my body is the same as these races, just condensed in less than 10 minutes!? All I know is that the results I get from working out in short, intense bursts is like nothing else.

Faddis – we’ll miss you!

Today’s Workout

Run 5k for time.



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