The “ONE” thing to do for your business

I get asked the question “what’s the one thing I should do for my business?” and the answer is… complicated. If you run your business looking for one secret that, if found, will solve all your future problems you’re going to have a tough time. All professionals these days (YES – that’s you!) are constantly educating and re-educating themselves because times and business challenges change. And so must you.

In my opinion, and over 10 years working in a similar fashion with a multitude of businesses, the answer to a well run business is an “and” answer. Meaning this, when searching for meaningful tools to affect change try to not look for “one” or the “other” or “either” but search for “and.” You should do a barbell cert AND an olympic lifting cert. You should try Zone AND Paleo. You should read GOOD TO GREAT AND THE E-MYTH.

Does this make sense?

So if you’ve been reading this blog and ONLY this blog, well, time to mix up. It’s o.k., I know you’ll be back!

Linked below are some affiliates that you could ontact to get some of their wisdom. All have built a great CrossFit business and may have something to offer you in way of guidence and expertise.

Rob and Nikki at CrossFit NorCal
Skip at Mt. Baker Crossfit
Jeremy at CrossFit Central
Patty at CrossFit Vancouver

If you contact them please be respectful of their time… they’re running a business!

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