A) Deadlift 5-5-5
-working at 80-85% of 1RM DL

B) 5 rounds for time of:
1 Clean and Jerk (225/165)
6 Handstand Push-ups (scaled to 6 strict Pull ups)
1 Clean and Jerk
4 Muscle ups (scaled to 6 strict Dips)
1 Clean and Jerk
200m Run
-20 minute cap


A) Power Snatch Drill
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch – below the knee
1 Hang Power Snatch – mid thigh
-Goal is max weight

B) “Interval Nicole”
400m run
max set pull ups
– Advanced – 5 rounds – start each round on the 4 min
– Beginner/Intermediate – 4 rounds – start each round on the 5 minIn two weeks, one of the most exciting and fun periods in the CrossFit year begins… the CrossFit Games OPEN. Why is it so exciting and fun you may ask? Well, it’s the one time in which ANY CrossFitter, regardless of level or ability to qualify a regional competition, has an opportunity to compete – just for the heck of it. Last year over 60,000 people took part… and got a chance to see themselves ranked on a world-wide scoreboard. Why is this good or a big deal. It’s TOTALLY unique in the fitness and sport world – and it gives you a chance to be the person on the playing field, not sitting on the sidelines, watching. Putting yourself out there, slightly at risk, is a great way to feel alive, to test your skills and your fitness, and to see just how you stack up to the rest of the world.

Every year at CFLA, this will be a big event. Here’s how it will work:

Starting on March 6th, CrossFit will announce a new workout every week for 5 weeks. That will become our Competition WOD for Thursdays. Additionally, on Saturday afternoons each week, our fire-breathers will get together to whoop it up, push the pedal to the metal, and hit their best marks.

Now in order to participate, you must register, and you do that HERE. For $20, even if you only get a chance to do 3 out of the 5 workouts, it’s well worth the money, just for the opportunity.

So check it out. Get registered. And join CFLA’s team. We’re REARIN’ to go!


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