The Open is FUN

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A) EMOM 12:
Odd: 8 alt DB snatches (55/40)
Even: 4 DB squat cleans (55/40)

B) Hollow/Arch Drill 15-30-45-30-15
Hollow rocks
Arch rocks

C) 5 Rounds on 3:00:
12 Strict CTB Chin ups
200m Run
6 Burpees


3 RFT:
500 Row
15 DL (225/155)
20 Lateral bar over burpeeThe Open is a metric ton of fun. If you haven’t experienced how we do what we do on the five Saturdays through the Open it’s a blast. We dance, we laugh, we do tribal yells, we deal with our nerves collectively, try not to get the cops called on us, and inspiration floods the place like a Macklemore song. It’s a party.

My estimate is that fun is different for everybody during the Open. Zach has fun because he can express his intensity. Shirley has the ability to smile while competing. But you don’t have to be Zach or Shirley to do this thing. Nina Rubin has fun because she can take on a fear like Wall Balls. Clayton comes in with his, “I don’t give a *&%!” attitude that reminds all of us not to take any of this too seriously. Ross has fun because the energy helps to push him be his best. Lauren has fun because of the camaraderie…

Regardless of what your perspective on fun is our commonality is that we all jump, pull, press, burpee, clean, and squat for time or reps. For five weeks we galvanize the gym’s energy and support the heck out of one another. Wonderful happens when a community gets together to push themselves and each other to the best of their abilities. Some call it excellence, I call it fun.


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Part of the Open ritual…



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