The Overhead Squat

Nothing compares to the overhead squat in creating strength, flexibility, core strength (through mid-line stabilization), balance, coordination, and accuracy. In fact, it can be argued that the ONLY movement for total body strength that you need to work on is an overhead squat. The cool thing about it is can be practiced easily at home – with a 5′ piece of pvc or dowel. The quicker you master the movement, the more quickly you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

The Overhead Squat by Dan John

From the Left: Sam, Matt, Bethany, Brian, Alex, and Josh – the 7:30pm crew!

Today’s Workout

“Elizabeth” for Two
Find a workout partner that can squat clean about the same amount you can.

42-30-18 rep rounds for time of:
Squat cleans
Ring dips

– for the cleans – alternate with your partner every 1 or 2 reps
– for the dips – alternate with your partner every 5 reps

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