The Perks


4 RFT:
200 Double Unders
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
400m run
500m row
40 min CAP


A) MU (Muscle up) Skill development – 10 min
“Toe” and hollow rock focus

B) 3X5 FS (+2-5)

C) 3 rounds for quality :45:15
:45 DB Jerk
:15 rest/transition
:45 Strict CTB Pull-ups
:15 rest/transition
:45 GHD Back Ext (roll spine)
:15 rest/transition
:45 200m Run
:60 Rest
I was reading through some of the Whole Life Challenge reflections the other day and someone commented about getting up early to get their daily workout done before they started their day. One of the perks, on top of being ahead of the game, was that they got to enjoy the early morning and sunrise that they hadn’t before.

I noticed this myself on Tuesday morning when I coached the Franklin Hill sprints at 6am. I got to see a sunrise I’d never otherwise get to enjoy. Everyone has their routine, and every routine has it’s perks. While getting up for 6am class might be a drag, one of the perks is getting to see an LA that lots of people don’t get to see.

What about noon? 5:30? 7:30? What are the perks, the side benefits, of the routine that you’ve got? Look closely, you might not have even noticed them yet.

CrossFitLA Image
One of the perks of waking up to Franklin HIll

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