The Power of a Party

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A) DE (Dynamic Effort) Press EMOM 8
2 Presses @ 40-50% every min. Focus on explosivity.

B) 10 Min Jerk Practice (fast doubles)
10 Min MU Practice (hip extension priority)

C) 3 RFQ (Rounds for Quality) – 10 Min CAP:
5 Squat Clean and Jerks (AHAP)
10 Burpees
15 Pullups


A) DE (Dynamic Effort) DL EMOM 8
Perform 2 DL @ 40-50% every min. Focus on explosivity.
B) 20 Min Pistol
250 Row
8 Med Ball Sit to Stand
Last Saturday, many of us from the gym – coaches and quite a few members – went to the V Lounge to celebrate the Sweat Suit Dance Party 5. It was a complete blast, but the best part was stepping back to witness the dancing, sweating, yelling, jumping group of people pulsing together and connected not just by a gym membership. The simple, indisputable truth is that we just really like each other. The energy was amazing and socked us all in the heart.

We have another opportunity to be together again, this Friday, at the Home for the Holidays Party. We’ll be more dressed up, and it might be a little more conservative affair (we’ll see!), but the undeniable fact is that I can’t wait to see you guys again, to hang out and laugh, to hear about your training, to listen to hair-brained events that we’ll get roped into, to squat in heels, to retell stories, to say a million times over, “You clean up so well!”, to eat homemade goodies, to take a hundred photo booth photos, to open silly gifts, and to – most especially – preemptively toast in a new year — that will be powerful and amazing — with the people I like the most.

WHAT: Home for the Holidays Party
WHEN: Friday, December 13, 7-11pm
BRING: Yo’self, all dressed up and your significant other, all dressed up.
ALSO BRING: A wrapped, unmarked gift valued at $10 or less for the White Elephant Gift Game. Humor encouraged.
ALSO ALSO BRING(If inspired): A dessert for the Dessert Pot Luck table

Please remember there will be no 6:30pm or 7:30pm classes – we’ll be getting our hair did, as should you be doing.

Can’t wait!

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Outtake from the holiday card coming your way soon …



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