The Power of Rules

Today’s Workout

Wendler Deadlift Cycle 2, Week 3


3 rounds for time of:
15 KB Push Press (24kg/16kg)
30 KB cleans
5 min cutoffWhat is your relationship to rules? When you are told the rules do you hear that there is something that you can’t do? Something you have to follow? Or do you hear that you now know the guidelines that everyone is operating by?

There are several ways to operate around rules. One is to be totally dominated by them. You can participate in whatever the rules are about anyway, complain about them, and not having the fun that you actually showed up to have. You can bully the rule maker, hoping they’ll just give up in the face of not wanting to “deal” with it. Another is to comply and then run around breaking them. Maybe only you’ll know, but in the end does anyone else really matter? Plus, you can probably count on no one ever following your rules. Karma.

Another way is to choose the rules just as they are, even if you don’t like them, think they’re unfair, and would rather break them. There is freedom in letting it go. You can know that you’d like it to be another way and still accept that the only way to play with others is to agree to a common experience. Think about it, if you secretly break them you are really playing by yourself. There is power in being able to play by any rules. Even the seemingly arbitrary ones. Rules bring clarity. Believe it or not, rules make things fun. There is nothing to wonder about. You can let go of having to figure out what you can and can’t do and just go for it.

We’re not programmed for it. We are set up to get what we need. See if you can follow one rule today from the moment you wake to the moment you hit the hay. See if you can make it a game. See if you can make it fun.

Quick break.

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