The Qualities and Quality of Food

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I read an article recently published by Time that declares that organic eggs are “More Expensive, but No Healthier” than conventionally raised eggs. The article centers around a USDA study that determined that the albumin of the egg was not discernibly different in caged vs. free-range eggs. Period. Some color insightful and colorful commentary followed, but it led me to consider what do we want to consider “healthy” to mean. It’s totally up to us. This article focuses on a particular quality – thickness of albumin – to say whether or not the egg is healthier. So in the sense of protein, free-range eggs are not “healthier” than caged eggs. Quality of nutrition and health may be a different story, though. How about the balance of omega-3s to omega-6s? I know that those are different, and definitely something worth considering. How about disease and contaminants? Might it be better in the short term to have chickens that are given antibiotics to prevent food borne pathogens? What about the ground contaminants that a free-range chicken might pick up? What about health of the environment and the workers in an organic vs. non-organic environment? What is important to you? What do you look for to determine if food is “healthy” or not? Is a more global view of health more appropriate for you even if it means sacrificing something on the individual level? Can you have both? Post to comments.

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