The Relentless Pursuit…of Happiness

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Today’s Workout
3 times:
Franklin Hill – Up & Over… and BACK!
– Start at Lipton, run up Franklin hill to Montana, turn around, and run back to Lipton.
– Runs start every 12-minutes. That’s what I decided is my new theme. Just today I decided this. Not the relentless pursuit of perfection, or money, or achievements, or relationships…but the relentless pursuit of happiness.

I have absolutely everything I need right now to be completely happy for the rest of my life. So do you. Maybe you think I’m crazy now, but you do. All you need is to do one thing — choose.

The only thing standing between you and your absolute happiness and success is choosing your own life. Not choosing your path or your goals, but choosing your life right now — exactly as it is, imperfect and all. Quit fighting the traffic. Quit fighting how much you can lift or how many pull ups you can do. Quit fighting the the weight you’re trying to lose. Stop staying it should be some other way or living for when it’s going to be better. Just own it all.

If what you have and who you are right now are something you fight every day…how do you enjoy life and be happy? Choosing it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. It doesn’t mean you can’t lift more or lose weight. It just means you love yourself and your life today, even if you never did lift more or lose a pound.

Today you are perfect. Today the traffic is perfect and the weather is perfect. Today your mother-in-law and the warm-up lap are perfect. Today, whatever life hands you, is perfect.

Choose it and be happy.




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