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Saturday was the finals of our “Angie” Challenge – and we had a GREAT showing. Congratulations to everyone who showed up and participated! Here are some of the highlights:
Best time: Chris Devlin (men) – 15:36, Janine Roach (women) – 17:30
Most Improved: Devin Stone (men) – 33.81%, Valerie Worthington (women) – 21.79%
Combined Winner: Pat Ferris (men), Valerie Worthington (women) (both won $375)
Average improvement: men – 18.37%, women – 15.72%, overall – 17.63%
To see the entire spreadsheet of all competitors, their starting times, finishing times and improvement, click here.
For photos from the day (thanks, Janine & others) click here.

Our next challenge starts in 2 weeks on Saturday, March 22nd… “Helen”

The male instructors show us how it's done.
Andy & Jonesy in the last heat of the day

Today’s Workout
3 rounds for time:
800m Run
50 Good Mornings, 45 pound bar
50 Flutter Kicks, 4 count



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