The Secret Identities of Sugar

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“Lil’ Jackie”
500m Row
30 Thrusters
20 Jumping Pull Ups

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Musical Medicine BallsParents spend a lot of time warning their children not to eat too much sugar. But, do you know everywhere that sugar shows up? What about the secret identities of sugar, the things that don’t really LOOK like sugar, or even proclaim themselves to be healthy? One of my favorite blogs, Food Renegade, recently did an article about this topic:

My son came bounding up to me with a smile. “Mommy, can I have another box of juice?,” he asked. I looked at the packaged box of 100% apple juice that one of my fellow church goers had brought for the kids. “No, son. That’s full of sugar,” I replied.

Another mom nearby interrupted, “No, there’s no sugar in that. It’s 100% juice.” If my attention hadn’t have been divided between my three month old daughter, my 6 year old son, and a conversation with friend that my son had interrupted, I might have corrected the well-intentioned mother. 100% juice is still full of sugar (in the form of concentrated fructose), even if it has no refined sugar added to it.

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Beanie doesn’t need sugar – she has squats to make her smile!

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