The “Show Up” Muscle

The “Show Up” Muscle

One of the things that we tell people when they begin our program is that the MOST important thing they can do to guarantee their success is to SHOW UP. Believe me, if this were that easy, EVERYONE would just do it. However, it’s not… even for experienced athletes… it’s very easy to get thrown off track, get out of the habit, and convince yourself that it’s too difficult, you don’t have time, you’re already it pretty good shape (or you’re so out of shape, why bother), and the list goes on. If you show up, and keep showing up, results are guaranteed!

Martin in a Kodak moment during a recent workout.

Today’s Workout

5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts – 225# / 165#
8 Pull-ups – dead hang
400m Run



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