The SLOW lifts

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In the photo below, Steph, a relatively new member at Petranek Fitness, works on her form in the deadlift. This lift, when combined with the back squat, bench press and shoulder press (also known simply as the press) comprise the slow lifts. These are the barbell movements that when done correctly, develop incredible strength in an athlete. THE expert in the slow lifts, Mark Rippetoe, just happens to also be a CrossFit coach and affiliate. His book, Starting Strength, is the bible for the slow lifts, and he teaches the CrossFit Basic Barbell Certification about 10 times each year. To get to know Rip a little better, click here to read a great interview with him on T-Nation.

Steph practicing her deadlifting

Today’s Workout
“The Vortex”
With a continuously running stopwatch,
Run 1.5 Miles
At each minute mark, alternate between 10 jumping lunges (one rep is both left and right) and 10 push ups (so at minute 1, do 10 jumping lunges, minute 2, 10 push ups, etc)
Continue in this fashion until either you have finished 1.5 miles, or you get “Vortexed” (have no time to run after finishing your lunges or push ups)
If you finish, your time is your score. If you get Vortexed, your time at the Vortex and your distance completed is your score.
If you finish, next time you do this workout, try Vortex +1 (11 jumping lunges & 11 push ups), Vortex +2, Vortex +3 until you find the point at which you do get Vortexed.



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