The top 5 things to tell if you have a system or just a job (that’s driving you crazy).

These aren’t laws or even rules. The following list is some items I’ve found in working on small businesses and they fit really well with owning a CrossFit gym.

1. You take a vacation and your business does better than if you were there.
2. You get home early to your family.
3. Servicing your clients doesn’t mean “you” service all of them.
4. At least one member of your staff’s pay is commensurate with a local doctor or lawyer.
5. Other people on your team find a quick and effective solution to a problem that arrises.

Ask yourself if you get a YES for each question.

5 Yeses – You have a business not just a job. Look to expand soon.
4 Yeses – You’re looking more like a business every day.
3 Yeses – You’re on the cusp. Don’t stop your momentum.
2 Yeses – You probably find it hard to get to work.
1 Yes – You should get out now or recommit to improving

Watch this video where Seth Godin talks about the fitness industry.

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