The Univeral Language

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Meet Lee and Yoon – two of our newest private clients. They are visiting us from Korea, and while there is a language difference, it has been overcome by a shared love of CrossFit. One of the things I love about CFLA is the diversity of the students and instructors. We all come from different backgrounds, not just athletically, but also as far as geography, careers, and lifestyles. What brings us together is our passion for fitness and a willingness to put ourselves out there in the manner that CrossFit requires. It’s easy to forget, when we always see each other in gym clothes, sweaty and exhausted, that we all bring unique talents and personalities to the community. I consider it a “perk” of my job to have the opportunity to get to know such an amazing student body and am glad that CrossFit is the glue that brings us together.

Yoon and Lee work on double unders and burpees.

Today’s Workout

Push Jerk – 1-1-1-1
50 GHD back extensions for time x 2



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