The War of Art

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Wednesday’s Workout (no CAP)
Overhead Squats 5-5-5-5-5
5 rounds:
30 Mountain climbers
20 Bicycles
10 Jumping Lunges

…and coming Thursday (no CAP)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
200m Run
15 Box Jumps (20”)
12 Sit ups
9 KB snatches (alt arm)
6 Pull upsPeriodically, back when I was working at CrossFit LA, a wonderful thing would happen. I would walk in to my office and discover I had been gifted with a book. A few of you students, you know who you are, would come across titles you thought I would enjoy and would share them with me. Somehow you all had fantastic ability to choose books I would enjoy, by the way.

One of these books I only recently read, which was War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, given to me by the one and only Tom P. A few weeks ago while my boyfriend and I were enjoying an Internet-less, TV-less, phone-service-less weekend near Crater Lake, I read the entirety of War of Art in one day. It’s actually a very easy read, so that’s no feat, but it was seriously compelling and I wished I had read it sooner. But, books, like people, I think come to us when the time is right.

While the word “art” is in the title of the book, it is really for anyone wishing to start anything, to express anything, to become anything. I could probably write a thousand blogs out of this book, but I’d like to just share this passage for now:

It may be that the human race is not ready for freedom. The air of liberty may be too rarefied for us to breathe. Certainly I wouldn’t be writing this book, on this subject, if living with freedom were easy. The paradox seems to be, as Socrates demonstrated long ago, that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.

Who is your master? Who is the master of your health, your food, and your well-being? Is it YOU?




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