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Today’s Workout
800 m run
40 burpees
800 m run
40 burpees
800 m runMy brother and I went out to a fantastic restaurant on Fairfax on Monday called Animal. If you know me well, you know that I am passionate about food, especially meat. I am, as I have described myself to many, an eater. First and foremost, I eat. Pretty indiscriminately. If there is food in the room by brain locks onto it and starts running scenarios on making it mine. Though I’ll eat anything mostly just for the sake of eating, I am also someone who really appreciates great food. I went to culinary school, I worked in professional kitchens for a few years and I love to handle food and cook.

Animal is the kind of restaurant that serves everything. It is definitely for the adventurous eater – brains, tongue, sweetbreads, octopus, pork belly, pig’s ears, etc. They manage to do it in a way, however, that is fun, exciting, incredibly flavorful and even verging on the feeling of eating really good junk food.

Being inspired by my visit there and having purchased some rabbit liver on Sunday from a great sustainable butcher quite nearby called Lindy and Grundy I got my offal on in the kitchen on Tuesday night and cooked up some rabbit liver with sage and garlic, brown butter braised carrots and radishes and pickled pearl onions.

It was pretty good. Nothing compared to what I had on Monday (if it had been I’d have been pretty impressed!) But more than that, it was great to be adventurous in the kitchen. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but I learned a couple of things (rabbit liver seems to cook MUCH faster than chicken liver), made up a new technique for myself (I hadn’t ever heard of butter braised vegetables — later found several recipes for them) and had fun.

Below are the pictures of my experiment.

Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 5.30.58 PM
Carrots and radishes braising in butter; pearl onions pickling; liver ready to go; the final product



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