The Wrong Tree

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A) MU Skill – sit focus

B) 4 rounds on the 3:00
6 DB Jerks (50/35)
12 Supermans
200m Run

C) 20 min to complete
3×5 FS (+2-5)
3×10 C2B Pull-ups


CrossFit Open Workout 14.2

Tune in to on Thursday, March 6
at 5pm for the LIVE Announcement of Open WOD 14.2.
That will be your workout for the day!
The Paleo world was up in arms this week to “find out” that eating a diet high in animal proteins was “as bad for you as smoking.” The battles ensued, the rebuttals were written, and the fight for bragging rights to who wins the war of “I’m right, you’re wrong” rages on.

All this points to the never ending struggle to get it right. I mean, “right” is kind of important, right? Get it wrong and serious health implications that you can’t reverse can build up! But if you step back for a moment, all of this is bickering is time spent barking up the wrong tree.

We’ve been sure we knew what caused heart disease for decades. With more science, we’re now LESS sure than we were before. There are NEW answers, that people are as sure of, as the smart people in the last generation were AS SURE of their answer.

It’s the same story all the time – grains, eggs, fats, cholesterol, sugar, superfoods, nightshades, anti-nutrients, phytates. And the list goes on. Just when we’re sure we know something, we don’t. In the wild marketplace of food “science,” trying to get it right can feel like trying to match socks in the dark. You just have to guess and hope.

And so we come to that “wrong tree.” If you spend your time trying to find and defend a theory, you will spend a LOT of time ignoring what’s happening in your own body. I’ve seen people hang on to wild nutritional theories while their bodies literally went to pot, crumbling to ruin before their eyes, “winning” the battle and losing the war.

Bottom line? Do your best. Enjoy your life. Make a concerted effort. Watch for your kryptonite and avoid it. Optimize for living, not for facts. There are far too many unknowns. If you like meat, eat it. If you die earlier because of it, YOU’LL LITERALLY NEVER KNOW! It’s not like there’s an alternate ending where you get to see what would have happened if you went another way 30 years ago.

Have fun, no need to bark. Embrace your choices, love your life. Make changes in real time as the results come in. That’s all anyone can really honestly offer.

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