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A) FS 3×3 (+2-5)

B) 3 RFR :45:15
Thruster (105/73)

C) 21-15-9
Sit to stand
Alt. DB snatch (55/40)
*8 minute cap*

D) 750m Row for time


“Marianne with lil’ Karen” (See 3.11.13 for past scores)

3 rounds for time:
7 Squat Cleans (165/105)
9 Burpee Broad Jumps (7ft/5ft)
40 Wall Balls (20/14)
*20 minute cap*
Andy and I just finished our first ever live open coaching call for participants in the Whole Life Challenge. Neither of us were quite sure what to expect, from ourselves or from the callers, but we rolled with it and had a lot of fun doing it.

One of the things that I gleaned from doing the call, and this might sound a little strange to say, is that all problems are pretty much the same. The specifics are different, and the people involved are different, but at the heart of it, all problems deal with the same fundamental misunderstanding.

The reason we get so stuck is that we get really caught up in the specifics of our problem. My problem is different than yours. That’s why yours has an obvious solution and mine doesn’t. What it all comes down to is this: when we have a problem, something is a particular and we think it should be another way. I’m fat and I should be thin. I’m bored and I should be excited. I’m unhappy at my job and it should inspire me. We get stuck in thinking that the thing is being the wrong way.

As that funny little bald kid said in the Matrix, “You will see that it is not the spoon that bends, only yourself.”

Once you get that the thing is the way that it is, and can only be that way (a spoon can’t not be a spoon), you can get your mind around it to change it. Nothing is supposed to be different than it is. Do you weigh more than you want to? There’s a really good chance you weigh exactly what you should, given who you are, what you eat, and how much you exercise. It is exactly the way that it should be.

It is that we resist so strongly the way things are that gets us so upset. If you grouse about it being wrong, it’s can’t be up to you to change it! It’s just some strange, inexplicable anomaly.

When you can wrap your head around that things are exactly how they should be right now, and the way that they are is a direct result of all of the things that went into making them that way, you’ll find that simply changing the input, changes the thing – even if just your experience of it.

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