The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

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All good things come to an end.

8 years ago last month, I walked into Petranek Fitness. Nothing has been the same since. Almost everything that I am I owe to the experiences that came next. Andy, this community, and you as people, have given me my entire life. This has been a social club, a therapist, a fierce training ground, an opportunity, a challenge, and a family. This has been a whole life. I swear I didn’t mean that as a pun.

Thursday, October 16 will mark the end of an era in my life. After 7 years, I am performing my duties for the last time as a CrossFit coach at CFLA. I wish I was good enough to write what kind of world I have gotten to live in for all that time. One thing hasn’t changed – that picture is me coaching 6 years ago. Yup, always wore jeans.

I have had the extremely rare opportunity to be a part of a movement. One that started in these walls. To be a part of a group of individuals who believe in something different. To work and grow among daring people who aren’t afraid to dream and weren’t afraid to challenge what they knew. To have those people shape who I am. And to let who I am shape them in return.

If you had known me when I started here, I mean really known and seen into the deepest part of me, you would know that I knew I’d never amount to anything. There was no chance I would make any difference for myself let alone anyone else. What this place is and who you are as a community has given me a purpose and a life like I could never have imagined. I can never say thank you enough.

It’s probably trivial to say I don’t know what I’d have done if I hadn’t found all this. I’ll never know. But I’d be hard pressed to say that I didn’t win the lottery on this one. I couldn’t want to be anyone else, know anyone else, be doing anything else, and have anything else. I can imagine other things I’d be doing, but I can’t imagine they’d ever have turned out this well.

This hasn’t just changed me. Our time together has created things that have changed the people I care about, the community I love, the city I live in, and without hyperbole, tens of thousands of lives around the world. It’s hard to fathom really. What has happened was the impossible made possible.

I want to say thank you to every single person who has given me the chance to coach them. I want to name you all, and it would never do you justice. You know who you are. You’ve taught me everything I know. You’ve been generous, loving, fun, vulnerable, humble, confronting, demanding, and uncompromising. Don’t ever change.

Thursday’s Workout

Mental Toughness

A) 20 Front squats (+2%)

B) Task vs Time vs Task Priority

   1) Task Priority
   500m Row, for time

   -Rest 3 min, then

   2) Time Priority
   Row as many meters as possible in the time it took to complete Part 1

   -Rest 3 min

   3) Task Priority
   Row the result of Part 2, for time

And coming Friday
Recovery: Practice

A) For quality
     800m Run
     800m Row

B) AMRAP 10 for quality  (≤7 RPE)
     10 Kipping pull-ups
     100m Sandbag front carry

C) 4 Rounds for quality on the 2:00
     20sec Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)





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