Think Big, Act Small

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Bikini competition training update: It’s been so much more enjoyable than I could have imagined. Seriously, I didn’t think being so focused and demonstrating this much discipline could be this … fun. But it really is. I can’t even write any cute anecdotes that sound fun on paper. Giving examples of consistent workouts and meticulous nutrition plan doesn’t sound like a party, does it? But what I can tell you is the feeling I get from putting in the daily work empowers me. Every baby step – every time I do my workout, every meal I eat that is in my plan, every time I drink enough water, every time I don’t apologize for this big commitment I took on, I know I’m an inch closer to what I said I was going to do. It feels amazing. And that’s incredibly fun.

This last weekend was the first time I had a hard time mentally sticking to my diet plan. We went to a wedding Saturday night and though I stuck to my plan, I felt weakened. On Sunday, all I could think about was eating a loaf a bread. I stared at bread. In my imagination, I could smell it, taste it. It was torturous. And I worried because with 19 weeks to go in my challenge, I was feeling so weak. The only thing I could do was take one step at a time to NOT eat a loaf or five of bread. I drank tea. I took a shower. I mobilized. Then I went to bed sticking to my plan. The next morning, I was fine and back on track.

I’ve been working a lot on not falling into old habits, what I call an F-It Mentality. If I had said F It and ate the loaf of bread, I’m not going to lie, it probably would have been pretty great in the moment, but it certainly wouldn’t have served my long-term goal. And I’ve had to address this on all levels of my life recently. F-It, a shopping spree? Or continue to build toward wiser financial decisions and ultimately freedom? The only way I can change this F-It Mentality is to keep taking steady, small steps toward the big picture.

“As long as I’m facing the right direction, it doesn’t matter the size of my steps.” – Erica Jong.

Tuesday’s Workout
Recovery Practice 

A) For quality
     1500m Row at 7.5 RPE

B) HSPU Skill Practice

C) EMOM 12
     Odd: 8 T&G Deadlifts (≤40%)
     Even: 30 seconds of  Saw Plank

D) 10 Rounds for quality
2 Circuits:
     1 Cluster
     1 Jerk
     1 Rear-rack thruster
**Hold onto bar through all 2 circuits of each round**
**30sec rest between rounds**

And Coming Wednesday
Recovery Practice

A) Kipping pull-up skill practice

B) EMOM 30
1st min: 25-50 DU
2nd min: 6-10 Alt DB Snatches
3rd min: 30sec PVC Matrix-Matrix-Twist-Twist
4rd min: 10-15 Butterfly Abmat situps
5th min: 10-15 Pushups



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