This is how it’s done


A) Agility work
Drills for lateral movement and speed

B) AMRAP in 20 minutes, with a partner
10 Lateral hop over cone, 2 count
10 Squats
10 DB Push Press (45/30)


3×5 front squats
3×5 push press

5 Rounds for time of:
Partner 1:
200m run

Partner 2:
10 Thrusters (45/33)
As many Burpees as possible until partner returns from run


One round is complete when each partner completes a 200m run
Score is total Burpees for both partnersIn a world of diets, fads, and get-fit-quick schemes this is a lesson in exactly how it’s really done.
By “it” I mean real health, fitness, and wellness. True fitness ownership, total claim over your body, and your well-being.

Forget “rolling with the punches.” At a certain point, there are no “punches.” Your life is your life, your game is your game, you choose the direction you’re moving in. Things come up that aren’t what you would “create,” but you can choose them, own them, and move forward. You are a full participant, no longer a spectator sitting on the sidelines watching your health (or lack of health) happen to you. Just because things don’t look like you thought they would when you started (they almost NEVER do), you’re not taken out. In fact, they may be much better, much BIGGER than you had ever thought.

A life so big that you couldn’t have conceived of it before it happened.

Four years and 500 classes later, CONGRATULATIONS, Nina Rubin, on owning it completely.
As a testament to Nina’s consistency, I realized that this is NOT the first time I’ve written about her here over the years. Nor is it the second!
Nina, we remember you when, and we know you now. You are a special person. Around you, people are happy, healthy, and fit.
That’s what it looks like to really have it.

Do YOU want to know what it looks like? See below.


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