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Today’s Workout

For time:
1 mile run
30 single arm DB clean & thrusters (45/30)
800 m run
20 single arm DB clean & thruster
400 m run
10 single arm DB clean & thrustersPause for a second.

There is nothing you have to say, no way you have to be, nothing you have to think, and no where you have to go right now. Stop and listen like right where you are right now is the only place you ever have to be.

What are you aware of? What are you happy about? What are you unhappy about? Do either of those things matter in this very moment? Can you bring the feeling of “this is the only moment” to any interaction with another person? Can you bring it to your workouts? What could you get if you weren’t trying to stuff multiple moments into the one you’re living right now?

week 2
Eye of the tiger



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