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Today’s Workout

Max Bar Hang
Max Broad Jumps (3 Jumps)


As many rounds as possible, in 15 minutes:

10 Nerf ball tosses
15 Angry gorillas plus jacket zips
20 Oompa-loompas plus pugs-out-the-window
25 Butterflies & Superheroes
Run to tree and backFirst off, thank you all for the wonderful stories, emails, hugs, gifts, tears, and everything else you have been sharing with me. I stayed up late reading the book of letters from you all – crying and laughing. And, as a side note, it seems there are a lot of you who have stories of me yelling at you or making you vomit.

This is my last week at CFLA, so if you can come to one of my classes, please do! I teach Wednesday (today) at 6am, 7am, and 10am, and Thursday at 9am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm. We are lifting the class caps on the evening classes so as many of you can attend as possible. I will be present at the Summer Slam on Saturday also…and then getting in my car immediately afterward to start the trek to Oregon.

And, as this is my last week at CrossFit LA, this week of programming is also mine. Each day has a special meaning for me.

Monday – because “Jackie” was the first workout I ever did at CrossFit LA.
Tuesday – because there’s nothing I love more than overhead squats and pull ups.
Wednesday – because I love my CFLA Kids.
Thursday – because sometimes still I’m a little nostalgic for the Rancho Park days.
Friday – because these are two of my favorite things on the leader-board.

I will be continuing to write the Wednesday blog here, even after I leave for Portland this weekend…so I will see you all on the Internet. smile

6am crew - Friday the 13th
February 2009 – The Rancho Park Crew



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